Monday, February 22, 2010

Becoming A Man Interp.

The story has some interesting point of views, at least to me. I can understand where the author is coming from on certain aspects of his arguments. I too feel as if men have to hold a certain attitude and do certain things and feel certain way just to be accepted as "normal" in the society of the US. The quote "a man should carry enough knife to defend himself" struck me the most because I feel like i could relate to it. I once thought it was manly to carry a knife on yourself or keep one in your car and room at all times. He argues some valid points, but i think he takes it to the next level, a level almost hating himself for being born a man. I just hope he doesn't follow this sex-change trends going on these days.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Coming Home Again" Response

The irony about his mothers illness was that she said he doesn't belong in the kitchen helping, but now that she is sick, he is the one in there cooking the meals and doing dishes. The theme I got out of the story was that you should appreciate what you have, because when you know your going to loose something, then you do things that will try and savor the moments that are left. I think he titled the story "Coming Home Again" because he is back home to his family from the boarding school he attended. He learned his mother has cancer and is doing everything he can to cherish the moments left with his mother.

I think Lee is trying to make us look at what we have in front of us, and that we need to appreciate it more, because once its gone, its to late. Use the time you are giving because it might not always be there.

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